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Last night was amazing. We met with Natasha, hit up Whole Foods, and headed over to Erin's house around 7. We grilled, drank, and then danced danced danced to the DJ's music by the pool. We got the DJ to play FREEDOM, which he didn't want to do, but you really can't argue with 2 redheads who want you to play FREEDOM on the 4th. The (self righteous) (jerk of a) DJ insulted George while I was requesting the song, but I let it go in the spirit of Independence Day. Eventually we felt pretty hot and definitely drunk. SO we stole all of Erin's bikinis and jumped into the pool, which was absolutely lovely and perfectly heated. The fireworks started while we were in the pool, and a douche bag started bothering us (he asked what we did for a living. we made him guess and he suggested that half of us must do clerical work, then someone yelled at him to get his glass out of the pool and he wouldn't, so we gave him the cold shoulder and he called us faggots under his breath. charming.). we ditched the pool and ran upstairs to watch the gorgeousness from Erin's balcony. Fireworks by the needle were cool, but Lake Union fireworks definitely won. There were cream puffs, squares, sparkly pants, pony tails, weeping willows, and smiley faces in the sky. Then I broke Erin's table, for which I am eternally sorry. Then we went to McLeod Residence and danced some more. They were having Halloween in July over there, which was pretty awesome. At some point, Buster hijacked a crazy horn hat and soon it was after last call so we ended up with all of these people on our roof for a bonfire. I can still smell campfire in the air. I don't know what time we went to bed and I don't know how I don't feel like absolute crap, but I don't. In fact, I'm pretty super happy sitting here and stealing glances at my adorable sleeping Buster, who rallied me out of bed and to the shower an hour ago and I guess forgot to rally himself.

Thanks again to Erin! I hope we didn't leave too much of a mess. You know, aside from the table and all. (Yikes!)


Today I have to clean the whole house, do Clarita's hair, and work on this whole invitation business. Invitations will be in the mail by the end of the week. I find this awfully exciting, slightly terrifying, and totally awesome. Holy smokes, this wedding is happening! The invitations are hilarious and gorgeous. I'll show everyone what the talanted Sara and Thor designed for us once the mailers are out.
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This weekend was amazing. It was so good to have the house filled with wonderful people for Buster to pick up. Party goodness in no particular order:

1) Impromptutu body art
2) Orange Birtday cake
3) Vince in the kitchen (he can come over anytime)
4) Lamb burgers
5) Pimms Cup: best summer drink ever.
6) Harmonizing
7) Everyone there getting all cuddly. Y'all are one cuddly bunch!
8) Hulahooping in the living room. (May is still reminding me that she's the only one who could actually turn around while hooping.)
9) Oatmeal Chocolate chip cookies brought by Jana
10) Absinthe, which led me to my drunkest moment in the afternoon (you can always tell when I'm drunk when I start to spell it out for you and confuse people, ie: "I am D-R-U-N-K and you are *insert wrong name here*")
11) Drinking Belltown Mimosas (Champagne and Red Bull? Classy.)
12) Buster with red sock puppets constantly on his hands, unable to answer the door calls.
13) Singing Happy Birthday to Buster twice. I wonder if he even remembers the second time?
14) The impromptu rainbow, unicorn and penis theme.
15) Charlotte Belle and Stephanie (Geminis!!) sending out a unicorn, cupcake, joint, flower, and glittery penis streamer from Boston! I drunk dialed them at one point and didn't know which one I was ever talking to. Delightfully confusing.
16) Talking for a while with the new neighbor, who also hails from Manhattan. We bonded on not wanting to move back. I'm excited to have a neighbor friend! That's double the roof deck summertime fun!
17) Buster's interviews were hilarious. I can't wait until he posts his edited versions online.
18) Can we talk about how gorgeous you all looked? Everyone is suddenly sun kissed and extra healthy looking!
19) I recall 5 specific times from Sunday where I either introduced myself to someone who said "WE'VE MET SEVERAL TIMES" or I confused 2 people or something to this extent. Please, folks! I've lived here for all of 5 months and it seems that the people I know know everyone. I don't think I ever knew so many people at once in NYC! It's a lot to wrap a love-walloped and drink-addled mind around, see?

I woke up at 10am yesterday morning and walked upstairs to access the deck damage. Through the gray drizzle, I noted what I thought was a big raw cut of PORK on the deck. I figured I'd drink my coffee and save that mess for later. When I finally worked my way up to the roof to clean, I discovered that the raw pork was, in fact, a squeeky rubber bit of swordfish. Did Charles leave something behind?

In fact, did YOU leave something behind? I seem to have a few extra pairs of sunglasses on my hands this week. I wouldn't complain if you came to pick up your things on some sunny day or starry night. We'll kick up the grill or start a little bon fire in your honor.
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We had an amazing weekend playing on the Oregon Coast with Ingo and Andy. Andy took amazing photos.

Then we came home, took our Lindy Hop class, and learned the Charleston.

Then Buster and I went to Txori and had a delicious meal to celebrate the fact that it has been one year since we went out on a limb and had ourselves an evening of kissing on the couch bed of room 604 at the Hotel Andra.

I can't help but think about how one year ago exactly *now* I was hungover, tossing my breakfast in an airplane bathroom as I flew back from Seattle to NYC. When I got home, I figured that I would let Buster be and not say a thing to anyone about his kissability. I felt far too nervous and had been so damaged by death and lovers in the months leading up to our make out that I figured I'd just go on with my admittedly lonely life as if he hadn't put any butterflies into my stomach. Then he wrote the sweetest email, proposing a Cross Country Crush Extravaganza and I just couldn't play cool. I told my mother that he would be visiting in April and she said, Where is the good in getting involved with a man from SEATTLE?! I was wondering the same thing. Entertaining impossibility seemed for a scary second like just another way to hurt myself... Now I'm amazed at how much can pass within the space of a year. Hilariously, our 1st dating anniversary is on April Fools Day.
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During the past two weeks, in relation to our Valentine's Day plans, Buster allowed for me to ask one question a day but said that there was only a 10% chance he would answer.

14 days. 14 questions. Every new question would frustratingly meet his response of "I can't answer that question."

I was stumped on what to wear, but had some weird instinct to go circus cocktail with vertical striped nude and black stockings, some old cocktail dress I've never even bothered to wear before, my favorite heels, and some Alita-style feathers.

Buster said, repeatedly, "Are you absolutely sure you don't know where we're going?" I honestly didn't know until the cab pulled up by the theater and I screamed with happiness.

We ended up at Teatro Zinzanni, a place where feathers in the hair, cocktail shoes designed in the 1930s, and weird vertical striped stockings are practically the law.

IT WAS AWESOME!!! The food was good, the performances were totally exciting, and our table was touching center stage! I was super impressed. We laughed our voices horse, danced, and saw some really amazing contortionist and acrobatic acts. The performers were engaging on a very personal level, the servers seemed so excited and happy to be working there, and even the coat-check girls had seen the picture the photographer had taken at our table and made sure we didn't forget it on our way out the doors. It's infectious to be around people who are so friendly and happy.

I would seriously recommend the night to anyone. It was so much ridiculous fun that I spent my whole night's sleep dreaming about sporting gravity defying acrobatic moves.

Next year, I'm in charge of Valentine's Day. I don't know how I'll live up to last night. Ups to my wonderful fianceĀ“ for coming up with such an amazing night out!
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This week, many things in Seattle have come into focus.

I met with my future employer, manager, and friends at Karma for a job interview on Tuesday evening. They are opening a new salon here in Belltown on Second Avenue at an exact location I spotted last summer. I stood by those exact windows, staring at the vast open space inside, wishing that I had the money to open my own salon. When Tiffany and Sean Lowery- local hairstylists here- told me that a friend of theirs was opening a salon in that space, I got excited. Sean called one of the proprietors and suggested me for a chair at the salon. Ingo is also good friends with Robert, who currently works at Red. Robert's business partner is the gentleman behind the Noc Noc, a successful local club that verges on the goth side.

The 4,000 square foot space will be called Stylus, and is a concept salon and full spa with the feel of a club. There will be chandlers, lots of natural lighting, a dj booth, an art gallery, 10 stylist chairs, and a full-service spa downstairs. There will also be a full bar for those of you who desire cocktail comfort during your salon services! I am very very excited to work in this community with such amazing people. I had several job offers prior to this one, and they all felt like they'd be ok, but I didn't have a strong gut feeling about any of them. This time, my gut tells me that this is the right place and right time. I am so happy when I think of all the new things I'll be learning in a new environment. There is so much about my business that I still need to experience firsthand, and being a part of a team that is opening something completely new has not been a part of my hair vocabulary until this point.

Also, am doing a wedding at the Hilton this weekend. There will be 10 attendants (!!!), and I'm stoked to tell them all about the new salon.

I am having an amazing experience practicing at Samadhi Yoga Studio in Capital Hill. Their flow is deep and challenging. I'm getting stronger every day through their practice and now meeting people and seeing lots of friendly and familiar faces in the studio. The teacher I have been concentrating on practice with is Eriek, his adjustments and instructions are totally on point. I am deepening my practice here in ways I have strived towards for years, and can even visualize accomplishing the eventual jump-back hurdle that has prevented me so far from getting to any truly advanced level. My back is no longer giving me pain, and I feel that the instruction is giving me a much stronger sense of inner-peace that is so necessary during this transition.

I find absolute delight in shopping every day at the Pike Place Market. My vendors all know me quite well now, my skin is shining from so many fresh fruits, vegetables, and anti-oxident herbal teas. I've lost 9 pounds since arriving here 2 weeks ago. That's a little crazy and fast, but I haven't been drinking and think that much of it is water weight. I certainly am not starving myself, and am in fact obsessed today with satsuma and granola sweetened with dates.

Yesterday I went shopping at Nordstorms and Macys and noted that they carry a lot of awesome designers at the locations here. I was impressed, honestly. I didn't think that Seattle's store buyers had it in them. It was really nice to be in a large and well stocked department store without having to battle any of the 5th avenue or Soho crowds. I didn't buy anything, but am looking forward to working again so that I can afford to!

Last night we had a health month approved dinner at Andy and Ingo's, complete with sparkling apple and pomegranate cider in champagne glasses. Then, Ingo kicked all our collective asses in a Foodie game. Good times.

That's pretty much the gist of being here. I've had a few minor set-backs, and one rude little blow last night, but nothing that has ever made me regret moving for even a split second. In fact, every time Buster or I have a set-back, it seems ultimately an inspiration to continue through our bold transition, and even make it more bold. We are certainly stronger when we're together, and happier. Life is crazy beautiful and rewarding even when things get a little ugly. It's a good thing that I've resolved to stay gold.

Also, this will probably concern none of you, but I've decided to take the greater part of this journal public. I've kept it friends-only for years, but have shifted my tone a lot in the last several months and find that I don't necessarily write anything that the world can't know. I'm long over venting my life's little dramas on the internet, over having any secretive friends only or filtered tell-all drama in my life at all. I am who I am and I am who you see. Face value. That's that.


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