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Buster disagrees with me, but I thought Cloverfield was disappointing. Why does everyone insist on blowing up NYC all the time? The scenes in lower Manhattan where buildings are collapsing and dust is pouring down the street were just plain exploitative. That pissed me off. I also had to close my eyes a few times because the hand-held camera business made me motion sick.

In other movie news, we watched Shortbus last night and I had to leave the room at the end. It was all just too much home to me. The Hungry Marching Band playing in the last scene was the clincher. Seeing them play in such a wild wonderful party made me so homesick that, for the first time since moving, I couldn't stand the idea of no-longer being a full-time New Yorker. According to a high-percentage of movies made, New York is the only place to get laid. The only place to blow up. The only place to seek redemption. Ect. I don't know how anyone who loves that city could move away and not be overwhelmed with homesickness after seeing so much NYC in the media. It's everywhere you look. I said last night that I wouldn't watch another NY-centric film for a while and bam, tonight we watched Cloverfield anyhow.

Aside from watching movies, we've had ourselves another major bought of productivity over this weekend. We've constructed bookshelves, purchased a new lamp, rearranged almost every bit of furniture, and installed a styling chair for haircuts of the future! This place is going to look amazing once we're finished with Apartment Therapy.

I seem to get a LOT more done when I'm not drinking. Time just stretches on and on through my day lately; usually I feel as if time and I are in a fast race. Of course, all this surreal clock quality could have to do with the fact that I'm not yet working. I'm sure that time will catch up and pass me within the first moments of February, when I fly to the East Coast to tend to a full schedule.

I can't wait for that, honestly. It will be amazingly good to see old familiar faces. Bride's maid #2 is visiting me in Delaware from DC during my time there, and I am stoked to get fitted for my dress with her. Also, I'll be staying with Amanda in Chelsea while in NYC, and thus will be out EVERY NIGHT.


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