Apr. 9th, 2013

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I've just dropped Mr. Crane off for his second official day at preschool (the first was a week and a half ago, right before spring break happened). As I left, he was helping one of his teachers put caterpillars in new chrysalis into the butterfly station. He was so stoked!!! I am so relieved to have him there. Trips to Little Farm, the Children's Museum, the Farmers Market, and parks I do. Lots of bike trips I do. Planting stuff in the garden I do. Caterpillars? Turtles? Kids yoga? Music class? I don't do that! He is going to have so much fun!

And now I'm sitting here, sipping tea and gearing up for a few hours of work on 750words.com. I am so stoked to have time to work on the site without having it dig into my time with Buster in the evenings. We have been working too much on week nights and some weeks barely know each other, adult conversation wise. I need this preschool time for my day job.

I also need to:
Make this week's meal plan
Go grocery shopping
Supervise a furniture delivery and Craigslist pickup
Clean the kitchen
Make dinner (for the most part)
Do an hour of yoga (that can wait until nap time, which happens after I pick the guy up)

In the space of 4 hours. Which means that I shouldn't be tic tapping away personal matters, but my head feels a little cloudy. I feel as if I never get much of anything personal down.

So where to start? Work is going well. The site is having pretty good times, and I think it can continue to grow slowly and that I can keep up. Plus I've opened my kitchen salon, which is fun and awesome. People come over, I cut their hair and get adult time, and then I make money. Best job, ever! The house is really well situated for it - super big kitchen with a door, so Buster and Niko can be in the living room and no one feels intruded upon. Plus having people over all the time means that I make an extra effort to make everything clean and pleasant, which pays off well during family times.

I have lately been feeling a lot of feels for Seattle. Missing it pretty hardcore, even while still missing NYC and the east coast in general. I am stoked to be flying east for Alice and Harry's wedding in a few weeks! Seeing my family will be a wonderful thing, too.

But Seattle!! Can we talk about Seattle? I miss hipsters, you guys. I miss being surrounded by poorish, mostly white people who have ridiculous style, wear your granddad's clothes, and look incredible. They have style that always inspired me, professionally and otherwise. And the bay area has maybe 4 hipsters that actually look fantastic. Seriously. And don't tell me to go to the mission. I've been there. Those kids are... not very hip. I HAVE seen a few kids with incredible hair in Oakland at Art Murmer, all black kids who have more hip hop in their little finger than I have in my whole body. Love them. But where are the tattooed bartenders with the big glasses? Where are the girls who are rocking ridiculous vintage that is a way early prediction of what the biggest fashions will be, 2 years down the line?

At first I thought it was the money. The bay area is expensive, right? But NYC is hella expensive, too, and that place has ridiculous kids everywhere you turn. Then, I met a woman who works in the restaurant industry and hails from Portland and Seattle. She asked me how I was digging things as we sat in an idyllic park while our kiddos displayed perfect behavior and had a ball. I said, "Man, this weather is incredible. I don't think I'll ever be able to leave the birds, bikes and breeze. And everyone is so flipping nice!! BUT! My PNW sister!? WHERE ARE THE HIPSTERS?" She was cracking up, "I know, right?! I miss it! They don't work in kitchens here. It's all Mexicans who work work for less, or rich kids who will work for FREE for a year (!!!!) at places like Chez Panisse just to have alumni status on their resume." Then, Buster brought up that NYC has a pretty wide breadth of employment while the bay mostly attracts folks in tech, who are a completely different kid of hip. Anyhow, I find it very fun to think about how a work culture, money, and market creates or suppresses a sub-culture.

Now I'm thinking of slipping out to art murmer more, and maybe hitting a car show? Because I have seen a few Mexican kids around (dudes, mostly) who have KILLER barbered haircuts. And that might be where I will be needing to pull inspiration when I'm not traveling to visit NYC and Seattle. I need my inspiration!

I am feeling self conscious writing all of this down, I realize these are all disjointed thoughts and I have so many friends in social sciences who could talk about this with eloquence (please comment!) but it's my job to look at the kids and be inspired!! Love the kids. Forever and always. Especially Millennials, it seems. Though I'm sure that whatever generation is behind them will also be awesome because kids are always awesome.

That is all. I really need to get plugging!

Good Morning!


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