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I've spent a few minutes this morning researching cloth diapering, and there just seems to be so many choices out there. I don't know where to begin! Diaper service or fancy expensive cloth diapers with inserts that we wash ourselves? There are so many different brands of the latter, that I wouldn't know if one worked better than the other... reviews online seem to vary in praise and condemnation for each brand.

[ profile] ohamber, I know you use cloth diapers... but I also know that you are busy with 3 kids and will probably not see this entry...

Does anyone else know anything about cloth diapering? Enough to put me in the right research direction?

I couldn't live by disposal diapers. I freak out with my husband even brings a plastic shopping bag into the house. Or what about when you visit someone's house and they offer you a glass of water.... you say "Sure!" and they bring you a disposable plastic BOTTLE? WHAT?! Disturbing! I'm totally intimidated by cloth diapering, but I'll live and learn... just like I learned to always have a bag in my purse and always have a decent water filter in the kitchen (easy in Seattle since the water is pretty darn good, I know).

Hey, for that matter, if any moms who can point me in the way of other cool lj moms, that would be terrific!


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