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2008-03-09 04:37 pm

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My new favorite thing is to order the "Demi-poulet froid mayonnaise" with a glass of wine at Cafe Presse. Of course, I can't really finish a whole half chicken... so I brought leftovers home, fired up a dutch oven with some water, the chicken, and whatever veggies I had floating around in the bottom of the crisper... and bam! A delicious smelling apartment and chicken soup for dinner. My acupuncturist was telling me to add more zinc to my diet, so here I go. It's a sweet deal to make soup out of leftovers. I feel as if I'm being fed for free when I do this.

In other news my acupuncturist also told me that I probably have a soy allergy causing much of my gastronomic distress. I cut soy out of my diet and my stomach is closer to normal than it's been in months. I've also lost most of the rash that has been present on the side of my face since last summer. Soy! Amazing that I never thought of that. See you later, tofu scramble! Hello, almond milk. I'm relieved that it wasn't all the red wine! Now I can keep on getting my antioxidants with a proper buzz and zero guilt.

Yoga this morning was incredible and really started my day right! Unfortunately I don't feel emotionally fit enough to participate in the Belltown Pageant tonight. I called the organizer to tell him that I'm a domestic shut in this weekend and am too anti-social to get up on a stage in front of people. He laughingly told me that I was putting pressure on him and making the number of "boys" and "girls" uneven! Plus I realized that if I go to the pageant as a spectator I will get assaulted by Babe for lameing out. Go go gadgets costumery, makeup, and booze!