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Well, I came to the internet cafe with big dreams of posting something to my journal... but now that I've looked through hundreds of wedding photos, I think I should share those more than sharing words. The photos speak volumes- and it's annoying to type on an Italian keyboard, anyhow. òàùùàòùàòùùèèè... see?

Here are the amazing photobooth pictures.

Here are Rick's photos.

Jenene has a few of her stunning professional photos up on her flickr site.

There are other's out there that I've seen on my iphone, but I am running out of time here! I have to (sigh) go to the Italian Rivera soon.

I will just give a quickie: Being married is wonderful. We have lots to talk about while we rest here. There is lots of change in the air, and lots of promising question marks for our future. Italy is perfect place to walk our little bridge from then until tomorrow. I can not express enough how thankful I am that we can be here. It certainly is a difficult time at home, for millions of people. Personally, things are crazy for us on so many different levels. I am really glad that we planned this trip and our wedding so long ago, before the insane things really stopped us from plan making, so that we can breathe and be alone among all the voices that reach us via email, twitter, text messages, ect.

Throwing a huge, amazing, wedding was incredibly stressful for us. Living in Seattle is also incredibly stressful, especially for me (I have so much love, yet am constantly experiencing east coast homesickness and am less than stoked about working in Seattle- frankly a big yawn after NYC). Talking it ALL over and contemplatating future decisions while looking out on Lake Como fills us with hope and promise. We are very much in love, very thankful for everything we have, and very happy. We will most certainly be ready for all the work that's required of us when we come home.

I want to take the time to thank everyone who has written me, posted pictures, or texted. I really love you all. We have an amazing group of friends and family providing a wonderful support system. I wish I had the time or the international iphone bandwith to say hello to you all personally. I am sure we'll talk lots when we get home!!

For now, I have a train to catch and 4 cities to experience in 2 weeks.
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(Hour 1 of a 4 hour wait for my flight to Amsterdam has passed. I wish I had a computer with me so that I could write a long and rambling post of my recent memories. The iPhone and its missing cut and paste feature doesn't cut it tonight. I want to post links! I also want to type quickly, and avoid that whole problem I have when using lj on an iPhone where I back space a few letters and it just keeps erasing. Why do you do that, iPhone? So frustrating.

I'll have to make do with a few lines. Maybe it'll turn into a rambler, though, considering that I can't really backspace...most likely it will be full of typos, as will every post I write from this thing for the next few weeks while we travel.)

Last weekend was perfect. It was worth every ounce of stress (good grief, the stress!) and every pound of gold spent. It was our vision brought to life, truly. It couldn't have been better in any way. Even the parts that didn't go as planned are perfect in my mind. I have never in my life, and will likely never again, enjoy the experience of my every little world coming together to celebrate one perfect moment.

I am truly humbled by my wedding experience. Truly truly humbled. The out pouring of love from my husband, my friends, and my family was so powerful. I have to fight tears every time I think about it. Every time I think of my grandmother dancing (held up by her grand daughter, Marla), Buster's eyes as we said our vows, my beautiful bouquet, the cards we read, Jenene calmly capturing every moment, Katie keepin me sane, Lia being my unsung brides maid, Kathy being gold hearted Kathy, my mother micro managing every supurb detail, arguing and making up ( we are so good at makin up!) with Rick Webb, Linda and Sheila makig bouquets with me while telling ghost stories about the wedding venue while making my feather centerpieces.... I tear up.

Every time I think about our first dance, how perfectly my dress fit, being bounced in a chair, spendin the day with Norman and Ingo, seeing the hall decked out for the wedding, seeing Buster for the first time in his wedding clothes, seeing my amazing family totally represent wicked fashion sense (totally unexpected in most cases!), opening Uncle Brud's card, seeig all my friends from Baltimore, Wilmington, DC, Richmond, NYC, Seattle, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, and seeing family from St. Croix, Mississippi, Arizona, Vegas, Salinas, Connecticut, Florida... Every time I think of these things, my eyes water.

There was so much more. There are lines between the lines ans things that happened that i dont even have words to express. Truly. We both feel so loved and so loving. There could not have possibly been a better way for us to cross over into this next phase of life. This year has been so challenging for us, for so many reasons, and receiving this incredible blessing and affirmation from our community is so powerful and meangiful to me. I believe more now than ever before the importance community, family, and a healthy dose of tradition.

Thank you to everyone who contributed their beautiful talents to make this wedding so gorgeous! Thanks to those who traveled to celebrate this wonderful weekend with us, and thanks to everyone who thought of us and sent some positive energies our little way. You each helped make our wedding a beautifully uplifting and transformative occaision, and we love you!
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woah. i'm getting totally getting married with hay in my hair.

that. is. all.
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Since some people have asked, here are our wedding invitations!  

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Yesterday, on the one year anniversary of Buster asking me to marry him, I woke up with a ridiculous hangover (I'm imitating Buster and laying off gratuitous booze at McLeod from now on). I persevered through breakfast at Cyclops before Buster and I hopped on our bikes and scooted off to the Bainbridge Island Ferry. Even though we kicked off our ferry ride with a horrible smoothie and got yelled at by Ferry workers when we incorrectly boarded, the beautiful day refused to be anything but awesome.

We got to Bainbridge and biked 3 miles up and down some crazy hills to Ivan's house. After a popsicle on Ivan's front porch and some clucking around with chickens, the three of us decided to bike 4 miles or so to lunch. Ivan took us up this long, beautiful, crazy, hill of a street on the way. I had to switchback my course all the way up, but managed ok without having to get off the bike, which felt pretty awesome. After a nice downhill treck, a trip to a beach, and a ride through a beautiful park, we landed to eat some really delicious pizza at The Treehouse Cafe. Then we went over and down some other crazy hills to get back to ride the 7:10 ferry home.

We were completely knackered after the trip. Ivan is in wicked shape to be able to ride his bike around that island everyday like that. I'm happy to follow him and hope to ride a lot more in the time ahead. It's really lovely to see the Pacific Northwest on a bike. Ivan told us yesterday that we should consider doing the Seattle to Vancouver ride next year instead of the Seattle to Portland. I don't think that I have any local bicyclists on this list, but please chime in if you have an opinion. Which ride has better views?

Today I went to my first dress fitting. I'm really nervous about it, to be honest, but am sure it'll be awesome. I'm naturally nervous about things like this. I think that I project all of my stress on to simple, small things and this fitting just happens to be today's simple, small thing. I expect my new 6 inch folders and envelopes in the mail any minute now, and suspect that I will transfer all of my stress back to addressing my invites (again) once that package arrives. I honestly have no idea of how I'm going to get everything that I have to do finished this week, but I am going to try really hard to do it without any anxiety induced meltdowns.

Tonight we meet with our ring designer for a meeting before going out with Kindra for a belated birthday dinner! Tomorrow I work and address envelopes. Wednesday, Jen Denis is coming into town and there's some sort of lawn game party going on. Friday I have my second fitting before we leave for Orcas Island!!!!! Next Monday we leave for NYC!! Whirlwindy, for sure.
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Last night was amazing. We met with Natasha, hit up Whole Foods, and headed over to Erin's house around 7. We grilled, drank, and then danced danced danced to the DJ's music by the pool. We got the DJ to play FREEDOM, which he didn't want to do, but you really can't argue with 2 redheads who want you to play FREEDOM on the 4th. The (self righteous) (jerk of a) DJ insulted George while I was requesting the song, but I let it go in the spirit of Independence Day. Eventually we felt pretty hot and definitely drunk. SO we stole all of Erin's bikinis and jumped into the pool, which was absolutely lovely and perfectly heated. The fireworks started while we were in the pool, and a douche bag started bothering us (he asked what we did for a living. we made him guess and he suggested that half of us must do clerical work, then someone yelled at him to get his glass out of the pool and he wouldn't, so we gave him the cold shoulder and he called us faggots under his breath. charming.). we ditched the pool and ran upstairs to watch the gorgeousness from Erin's balcony. Fireworks by the needle were cool, but Lake Union fireworks definitely won. There were cream puffs, squares, sparkly pants, pony tails, weeping willows, and smiley faces in the sky. Then I broke Erin's table, for which I am eternally sorry. Then we went to McLeod Residence and danced some more. They were having Halloween in July over there, which was pretty awesome. At some point, Buster hijacked a crazy horn hat and soon it was after last call so we ended up with all of these people on our roof for a bonfire. I can still smell campfire in the air. I don't know what time we went to bed and I don't know how I don't feel like absolute crap, but I don't. In fact, I'm pretty super happy sitting here and stealing glances at my adorable sleeping Buster, who rallied me out of bed and to the shower an hour ago and I guess forgot to rally himself.

Thanks again to Erin! I hope we didn't leave too much of a mess. You know, aside from the table and all. (Yikes!)


Today I have to clean the whole house, do Clarita's hair, and work on this whole invitation business. Invitations will be in the mail by the end of the week. I find this awfully exciting, slightly terrifying, and totally awesome. Holy smokes, this wedding is happening! The invitations are hilarious and gorgeous. I'll show everyone what the talanted Sara and Thor designed for us once the mailers are out.


Mar. 5th, 2008 11:31 am
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I am currently obsessed with blasting broccoli (as inspired by a dish at Black Bottle) and making all kinds of different polenta pies.

Initially the polenta pie recipe in Moosewood was what got me going. I've had this book for years, and once upon a time I had a bit of their polenta pie at Misha and dB's house when they lived in the LES. During Health Month, I craved this pie. I kept passing the recipe in Moosewood and drooling in memory of that delicious, crispy, cheesy, vegetabley pie. It was one of the first dishes I made after Health Month ended. I went out on a limb and added extra cheese and an oily sundried tomato spread. Last night I cooked a polenta crust again and added a filling of Italian sausage (left over from last weekend's great weekend long Oregon cookup), tomato wine sauce, onions, mushrooms, and garlic. Of course I used a ton of Parmesan cheese in the mix as well... It was ridiculously good. I'm fixing myself up a small slice for lunch... and blasting some broccoli while I'm at it.

I keep telling myself that I'll eventually work my way over to sweet pies. I've always wanted to learn how to make a perfect crust. I picture myself in a little Suzy-HomeMaker apron and heels with perfectly coiffed hair- bakin piiies... but something keeps stopping me. I get lazy, I guess. Suddenly I find myself making a quick apple crisp and calling it a day. Maybe I'll schedule a meeting with my grandmother for this spring. She always made the most delicious crust I've ever tasted. Her peach pie is legendary!!

And, speaking of food: I just scheduled my tasting with 2 cake companies and the food caterer for our wedding. Warm Pear and Brie Tarts, Sweet Potato Fritters Dolloped with Chili Aioli, Cherry Smoked Scallops, ect, ect! Sooo much yummy fun. Katie is going to join my parents and I since Buster can't make it. I wonder if we can bring a bottle of wine....
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I have a really really hard time writing to people I really really like, whose work I really really respect, and telling them that I'm not going to work with them after all.

I think it has made me seem pretty rude at times during the last few months. It happens in the job market, it happens in the wedding vendor market. It's like my brain wants to work with them on some astral plane level and refuses to admit that I will NOT be giving them my business or services in real life.

If anyone in the Philadelphia area ever needs a florist, I know the perfect girl...


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