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Guys, I LOVE our new house! Fully and totally LOVE. I am so choc filled with plans. I am in no hurry to fully unpack because there is work to do on the walls and it doesn't matter because we are going to live here forever, which gives us lots and lots of time to do all the things. I can feel the love that the former owners had for the property, and that means so much to me. This house is so so solid! We are going to make so many memories here!

I've seen a 6 pointed deer walking down our street. I've had neighbors stop by left and right to welcome us to the neighborhood. I've gone to the awesome and massive local street fair. I've been invited to block parties. I've had a few meals out on Solano Ave (the closest business street to us, about 4 blocks away), and I haven't had a single meh meal. Which is good good good because it means that Buster and I can have hyper local dates and save $$ on babysitting, because lord knows we can't afford to go out like we did before... gotta get our Airbnb started and making $$$ first to help us with the mortgage.

Mostly I'm writing this here because, woah, it can feel overwhelming to live in boxes. My kitchen is a wreck - It's been challenging to tetrisize the space because it's a little bit less cabinet space than I had at the old house. I can't find the fucking silverware OR the pricy pro-biotics I bought the day of the move (maybe the cultures are dead now- $30 down the tubes). And the landlords at the old place are, bless their worried about nothing hearts, TOTALLY getting on my nerves. But none of it matters because I LOVE THIS HOUSE and, yep, dreams are coming true!


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