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Valentine's Day Party Party Party! Photos HERE
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During the past two weeks, in relation to our Valentine's Day plans, Buster allowed for me to ask one question a day but said that there was only a 10% chance he would answer.

14 days. 14 questions. Every new question would frustratingly meet his response of "I can't answer that question."

I was stumped on what to wear, but had some weird instinct to go circus cocktail with vertical striped nude and black stockings, some old cocktail dress I've never even bothered to wear before, my favorite heels, and some Alita-style feathers.

Buster said, repeatedly, "Are you absolutely sure you don't know where we're going?" I honestly didn't know until the cab pulled up by the theater and I screamed with happiness.

We ended up at Teatro Zinzanni, a place where feathers in the hair, cocktail shoes designed in the 1930s, and weird vertical striped stockings are practically the law.

IT WAS AWESOME!!! The food was good, the performances were totally exciting, and our table was touching center stage! I was super impressed. We laughed our voices horse, danced, and saw some really amazing contortionist and acrobatic acts. The performers were engaging on a very personal level, the servers seemed so excited and happy to be working there, and even the coat-check girls had seen the picture the photographer had taken at our table and made sure we didn't forget it on our way out the doors. It's infectious to be around people who are so friendly and happy.

I would seriously recommend the night to anyone. It was so much ridiculous fun that I spent my whole night's sleep dreaming about sporting gravity defying acrobatic moves.

Next year, I'm in charge of Valentine's Day. I don't know how I'll live up to last night. Ups to my wonderful fianceĀ“ for coming up with such an amazing night out!


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