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We are back in Berkeley after a lovely trip out east.

I was totally seduced by Richmond. That place gets me, every time. A front porch for everyone! Great friends! Great food! Proximity to my family (close, but not too close). Only 100 easy miles away from Katie! AND I could have what is essentially my dream house for somewhere in the 400k neighborhood.

But, friends, it is hot there. And while it would be a great career move for ME (I could essentially make the same amount of money there as I would here, while living on about 60% of the income), it would not be a career move in the least for my husband. Plus, everyone smokes actual cigarettes, which kills the air all around you.

But still, all the benefits are food for thought. I am submerged for at least 15 minutes a day in the swells of East Bay house porn. Here, my dream home costs about 850k, which firmly requires both of us to work as hard as possible so that we can afford the life we have and hopefully retire someday. But the food is delicious and super affordable. And the air smells like flowers, 90% of the year. And, of course, there are about a million other reasons to be in love with this place over a place like RVA. Walking Niko to his school this morning reminded me of all the lovliness... a beautiful day with zero humidity, like most every day here, year round.

Anyhow. House porn. I have a problem. I guess I just feel as if, when we buy a house, wherever it is (probably in the east bay), I'm pretty much not leaving. I want to build out a garden and work on it for years. I want to know a house's very bones. I want to know (and fix) every creaky floor board. I want to watch trees grow and grow. I want to know every neighbor's drama and dog. I want to set up house and never, ever leave. I want this moving around to just plain stop.


In sad news, I found out while we were away that Sopor has cancer, and that it's in her lymph system. I take her today to get her stitches out (I had a bunch of the cancer removed before I knew what it was). I'm excited to let her hang around outside again, for her last days. She seems to be feeling fine after what was a rough recovery. I've never taken a pet in for surgery before, and it was ugly. I'll be happy to throw the cone away and be done with it. I just want to enjoy her and make her happy for the time she has left. She's been the best cat for me, and I'm super sad to think that she won't be with us for much longer. In fact, I don't want to write about it any more.


In happier news, Niko's birthday is the day after tomorrow and I am starting to feel super excited about planning it. He has requested pancakes for breakfast, an extended school day (I guess he wants to bask in the glow of his friends knowing it's his birthday), and strawberry rhubarb crisp for dinner. We are buying him binoculars. And maybe a kid's bird watching book?

I don't know what I'm doing for the party yet. I need ideas. I'm so travel weary and just want to do something small, which I'm sure will feel large enough to him, anyhow. He has requested chocolate balls instead of cake, based on a gluten free mostly dates and nuts recipe that a friend made in RVA. Berkeley kid wants gluten free, vegan, chocolate balls instead of cake! And he told me this morning that we sure need to eat extra vegetables this week because we didn't eat that many while on vacation. Sure, kid, no problem. I love it!
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Katie's visit was a smashing success. I don't think that anyone could live on my couch for 10 days and not need to suffer through any tension between us... but Katie is better than a sister to me. Sisters get on your nerves and know how to push your child hood buttons. Katie makes me laugh and get drunk and cry (in a good way) and get drunk again and get dressed up and girlie. Katie makes my chosen family world go round. So does Rick Webb. I had them together for a few days, and it was awesome.

We spent a few days in Portland last weekend, ate lots of steak, watched lots of pole dancing, and made several new friends with local strippers. It was wild, drunken, ridiculousness. We decided that we love Portland. If I had connections there, I would probably want to move. The food is every bit as delicious as Seattle's, the politics are more organized and liberal, and the people seem to be very warm (this could be because I was giving these nice people a dollar for a good song, a dollar if they got on the pole, a dollar if they hopped on the poles on the ceiling, a dollar if they got upside down, a dollar if they took off their bra during their first song, a dollar if they touched me, a dollar if I developed a crush on them... ect..). I did have trouble finding a hair salon in Portland to get a blowout. When I finally found one, it wasn't terribly pretty and the stylist had been doing hair for 27 years and was still only charging $30 for her service. I tipped the heck out of her and still didn't approach giving her the money I would demand for myself for a blowout in NYC. Of course, she did make me look like a newscaster (I promptly put everything into one of my weird "almost like an old Italian housewife" updos - guys is it weird that I am naturally granny chic?) ... but we had fun talking about hair, for sure.

When I weighed myself (eyes half closed in fear) after Katie left, I was shocked to find that I didn't gain any weight during my 10 day drinking and eating binge. I'm now back on the path of righteousness, weightlifting, and yogafication. Misha will be pleased to know that I have an appointment with a personal trainer (for freeee) tomorrow. But who knows if I'll use the trainer once he charges.

We are currently in 3 day pre-fast mode. After this, we will be in 5 day fast mode. I'll keep colon cleansing details to myself over the next weekish, but if you see me and I'm not quite full of life, know that I'm not quite full of anything, food-wise.

Our beloved cat, Sopor, got accidentally locked out of our apartment yesterday and was left roaming the web of roof decks up above. As she sometimes likes to hide in the secret sweater nests of our closet when it's chilly, we didn't realize very quickly that she was gone when we came home last night. At 11, ready for bed, we realized that she wasn't anywhere to be found and I quickly became hysterical. She's a very small, skittish lady cat; I can't imagine how she must have felt to find that she was locked out! She's only just recently developed nerve enough to go out on the roof in the first place... and that's taken her all summer. We screamed for her on the roof for an hour, posted a photo of her in the elevator, and I lay down for a miserable sleepless pretend sleep. At 2:30 in the morning, I couldn't take it anymore. I sat up in bed for active waiting, ears peeled for any sound. Within five minutes, she came down the stairs from the roof talking about how we locked her out and how many adventures she had. She's now grounded until I get some sort of electronic fence around our deck. We will also now do a family roll call every time we close the deck door!

I leave for NYC on Sunday night, but am not making any plans to hang out because I HAVE TO WRITE MY WEDDING VOWS while I'm there. I will also be fasting. Let's chat over haircuts, ok? I can't wait.

That is all. Good Morning!


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