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Dec. 30th, 2009 09:54 am
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It has been pointed out to me that I did not post about our baby's gender to LJ.

For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, Flickr, or facebook, here is a peek at the baby Benson's private business from our 20 week ultrasound:

My vision, the acupuncturist, the ring, and the numerologist were all right.  It's a ...........

To give an LJ quality entry in relation to this photo...

As reported, it was my plan to put a report of the baby's gender into a Christmas card for my parents to open with the rest of their gifts on Christmas morning. This did not happen.

What happened was this: I let them see the non-gender related ultrasound photos 2 days before Christmas as we ate chocolate and drank wine (well, some of us drank wine) after dinner. My father asked if we were absolutely certain of the baby's sex. Buster said that we were. My father then screamed, "WELL THEN IT'S A BOY!!"

And after days of keeping it cooly to myself and not letting anything slip. After days of being coy and making jokes and playing with people's minds to convince them that I was having one and then the other... my red face (of course) betrayed me to my family. The secret was out, and it was hilarious.

I had no secret to put into a card. Oh well.
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I never mentioned on my LJ that we went and started a new baby blog when we found out I was pregnant. It's under a few fake names (Milton and Esther) at our site, Zero to Baby.

I posted today about nightmares and the limbic system. Good times. I admit that my husband posts to the blog much more often than I do. I don't generally spend any time in front of computers these days.

I thought about cross posting, but am generally annoyed by cross posts and thought I'd just tell you when I put a new post up, so that you can comment here if you'd like.

Good Morning!

Today I woke up with a cold, and am calling out sick for the second time this year. I feel pretty good about having a sick day. I think I'll make soup, which I do every Wednesday, anyhow.
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I've spent a few minutes this morning researching cloth diapering, and there just seems to be so many choices out there. I don't know where to begin! Diaper service or fancy expensive cloth diapers with inserts that we wash ourselves? There are so many different brands of the latter, that I wouldn't know if one worked better than the other... reviews online seem to vary in praise and condemnation for each brand.

[ profile] ohamber, I know you use cloth diapers... but I also know that you are busy with 3 kids and will probably not see this entry...

Does anyone else know anything about cloth diapering? Enough to put me in the right research direction?

I couldn't live by disposal diapers. I freak out with my husband even brings a plastic shopping bag into the house. Or what about when you visit someone's house and they offer you a glass of water.... you say "Sure!" and they bring you a disposable plastic BOTTLE? WHAT?! Disturbing! I'm totally intimidated by cloth diapering, but I'll live and learn... just like I learned to always have a bag in my purse and always have a decent water filter in the kitchen (easy in Seattle since the water is pretty darn good, I know).

Hey, for that matter, if any moms who can point me in the way of other cool lj moms, that would be terrific!


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