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Yeah. It's been a kind of crazy week. It all started with dramatic ice-cream coned pageantry, when I took home the 18th place trophy for Ms. Belltown Betty on Sunday. I walked into the pageant blindly, without a talent act to speak of, and ended up becoming a professional stage performer with a verbal contract to reproduce my now (not so) famous ice-cream eating act this spring. As long as they give me free shots, that fifty dollars worth of fame is ALL MINE.

I actually made a lot of friends at that show. Science McGee, the new Belltown Betty, is hilarious. I plan on getting into lots of trouble with her later. Or... maybe I'll just egg Science on and watch her get into trouble since that seems to be more of my act these days. I like watching people get into trouble and then going somewhere with a married girlfriend... to SLEEP.

Anyhow the next day involved a long long ladies luncheon with [ profile] miss_eagle_eye. That afternoon, we brought out the best of the worst in each other and had ourselves a grand time. I was in such a state when she left that I endeavored to reorganize the book shelves and my dresser. This house is now *thismuch* closer to what we envision it becoming. The next day, I spent time at the brand spanking new Stylus Salon before having an awesome dinner with [ profile] more_bjorn at Black Bottle. Then, I hit the Noc Noc with Erin and a few of my new co-workers. There, I became so drunk that I've been in hibernation for the past two days... which is fine because Buster came home from SXSW with the flu AGAIN and had no problems with us curling together into an impervious ball for several hours. Hopefully I will continue my streak of letting B breathe flu into my face to no unhealthy end.

Now I'm off to hang out again with [ profile] miss_eagle_eye at McLeod Residence, where I'll order a drink or two from Ingo before heading home to pack my bags because...

I'M GOING BACK TO THE EAST COAST TOMORROW!!!!! As much as I enjoy hanging out with the West Coast Crazies, I can't tell you how excited I am to get back to the glamorously stable sanity of my home coast... where you can catch a drink in a 200 year old bar and then walk home drunk at 3am - never having to worry about being bothered by an army of crack heads (I now believe the rumor I once heard in NYC that Giuliani packed up all the crack heads and shipped them out to the west coast).
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My new favorite thing is to order the "Demi-poulet froid mayonnaise" with a glass of wine at Cafe Presse. Of course, I can't really finish a whole half chicken... so I brought leftovers home, fired up a dutch oven with some water, the chicken, and whatever veggies I had floating around in the bottom of the crisper... and bam! A delicious smelling apartment and chicken soup for dinner. My acupuncturist was telling me to add more zinc to my diet, so here I go. It's a sweet deal to make soup out of leftovers. I feel as if I'm being fed for free when I do this.

In other news my acupuncturist also told me that I probably have a soy allergy causing much of my gastronomic distress. I cut soy out of my diet and my stomach is closer to normal than it's been in months. I've also lost most of the rash that has been present on the side of my face since last summer. Soy! Amazing that I never thought of that. See you later, tofu scramble! Hello, almond milk. I'm relieved that it wasn't all the red wine! Now I can keep on getting my antioxidants with a proper buzz and zero guilt.

Yoga this morning was incredible and really started my day right! Unfortunately I don't feel emotionally fit enough to participate in the Belltown Pageant tonight. I called the organizer to tell him that I'm a domestic shut in this weekend and am too anti-social to get up on a stage in front of people. He laughingly told me that I was putting pressure on him and making the number of "boys" and "girls" uneven! Plus I realized that if I go to the pageant as a spectator I will get assaulted by Babe for lameing out. Go go gadgets costumery, makeup, and booze!


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