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Rome - 277
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Suddenly, in the middle of drinking a bottle of wine on the Spanish Steps, applause and cheering erupted amongst the crowd of all those hanging out around us! We turned to see what the commotion was and saw this couple, just married, ascending the stairs. It was a beautiful moment.

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Rome - 286
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The old broads in Italy really know how to sass things up. Here are two that I managed to catch on camera... nude fishnets and long flowing white hair.

I noticed that older ladies all over Italy were rocking some sassy stockings. They were totally not afraid to add some netting to their legs. I think that the older ladies that I spotted in Italy generally had more fashion gumption than the youngins... who were hot (of course), but also pretty much always in the Italian uniform (leather jacket. jeans. boots.)

Of course, we did not visit Milano. I am sure that I would have been moved by fashion all around me if we had.

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Rome - 313
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This guy was totally busted for picking up the coins that did not make it into Trevi Fountain. What a jerk! Stealing people's wishes!

Supposedly, when you toss a coin over your shoulder, you are not supposed to look to see if it makes the fountain. If it DOES make the fountain, you will visit Rome (and Trevi!) again.

Buster and I hung out there for hours with lots of wine and lots of people to watch. This was a theme in Italy. Sit. Drink. Watch. Laugh.

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Rome - 327
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We had read in our tourist book that it was a trend in the Cinque Terre to put pad locks on the lovers path between Manarola and Riomaggiore. The locks were to symbolize eternal love.

We looked all over for what the book had made out to be hundreds or thousands of locks. We saw lots of lover's graffiti, but never a lock. The path between Manarola and Riomaggiore looked as if it had been recently re-done. I guessed that the locks had been removed, and that the trend had possibly ended.... until I got to Rome a few weeks later and saw this fence. I didn't pay attention to where the fence was, or what the lovers significance of this place was. I just thought it important to note with a photo, I suppose.

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Rome - 330
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This photo really cracks me up. I think I'll look at it whenever I need to smile at the ridiculousness of the world.

At this particular Basilica, I can't remember which one it was, you put in a coin for a prayer just as you do in every Catholic church (possibly other types of churches, too, I wouldn't know). This one differs in that every "candle" is actually attached to an electric bulb. You put your donation in the box, and then you flip on a switch to light your prayer candle. I definitely said a prayer at this one. One that was probably hilarious.

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Rome - 639
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This is my favorite person in all of Rome!

Unlike almost every other Roman I met (excepting the pizza boy when I got pizza ALONE), Remiggio was not surly. Plus, he was absolutely out of his mind. It must be difficult to stay happy and sparkling when you are completely nuts, but Remiggio pulls it off with maximum charm.

He hangs out by his fountain all day and tries to get into photos that tourists are taking. He sticks out his tongue, babbles in Italian, and mocks everyone as he carries around a foam core mounted photo of himself looking at an article about himself.

It didn't take me long to fall in love with him. I'm glad that Buster took lots of photos.

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Florence hasn't been the best for sleeping. Between the Chianti Classico making me pass out before waking suddenly and the loud Americans who have loud heartfelt conversations (of which we can hear every word) at 4am in the room next door, my delicate cycle has only enjoyed 3 hour stretches this week. Luckily, espresso is cheap, quick, delicious, and effective.

Yesterday we enjoyed time at Ufuzi gallery with gazing at Bottichelli and a delightul spell at Academia, where the David was even more amazing than expected. After lunch and a siesta, we met some Seattle neighbors that we randomly happened upon for a wonderful dinner.

Dinner dinner dinner. Italy is making me round again. But I couldn't possibly resist all this wonderful food and wine. It's true that they just don't do it anywhere else like they do it here. Such delicious, honest, simple, well crafted food from perfect local ingredients. Truly the Pacific NorthWest's delicious grandfather in cuisine. It's amazing to me that Italian women are as beautifully thin as they are. I don't even partake in all four courses and still feel my jeans shrinking.

Tomorrow we embark on the last leg of our italian journey with a trip to Rome. I am absolutely stoked to see everything Rome has to offer. Mass, dead popes that I fancy, old ruins, huge art... Wonderous! I am hoping we can find a day to train out to Pompeii... It would be sad to miss such an amazing site while we're out here. This is a once in a lifetime trip, and I want to drink everything in.

(6:22am. 40 minutes until the alarm rings. Poor B, privy to my tossing and turning. I've moved to the bathroom to write, since I'm not able to be still. )

Good morning! Morning here, anyhow. All you stateside should get to bed now! Sleep better than I do!
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Well, I came to the internet cafe with big dreams of posting something to my journal... but now that I've looked through hundreds of wedding photos, I think I should share those more than sharing words. The photos speak volumes- and it's annoying to type on an Italian keyboard, anyhow. òàùùàòùàòùùèèè... see?

Here are the amazing photobooth pictures.

Here are Rick's photos.

Jenene has a few of her stunning professional photos up on her flickr site.

There are other's out there that I've seen on my iphone, but I am running out of time here! I have to (sigh) go to the Italian Rivera soon.

I will just give a quickie: Being married is wonderful. We have lots to talk about while we rest here. There is lots of change in the air, and lots of promising question marks for our future. Italy is perfect place to walk our little bridge from then until tomorrow. I can not express enough how thankful I am that we can be here. It certainly is a difficult time at home, for millions of people. Personally, things are crazy for us on so many different levels. I am really glad that we planned this trip and our wedding so long ago, before the insane things really stopped us from plan making, so that we can breathe and be alone among all the voices that reach us via email, twitter, text messages, ect.

Throwing a huge, amazing, wedding was incredibly stressful for us. Living in Seattle is also incredibly stressful, especially for me (I have so much love, yet am constantly experiencing east coast homesickness and am less than stoked about working in Seattle- frankly a big yawn after NYC). Talking it ALL over and contemplatating future decisions while looking out on Lake Como fills us with hope and promise. We are very much in love, very thankful for everything we have, and very happy. We will most certainly be ready for all the work that's required of us when we come home.

I want to take the time to thank everyone who has written me, posted pictures, or texted. I really love you all. We have an amazing group of friends and family providing a wonderful support system. I wish I had the time or the international iphone bandwith to say hello to you all personally. I am sure we'll talk lots when we get home!!

For now, I have a train to catch and 4 cities to experience in 2 weeks.


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