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Man, this Papa al Pompodoro I made (thanks to Jenn's and Buster's help) wicked fast last night is AMAZING this afternoon. I made it in a way that differed from the way Buster and I were taught to make it in Florence, and I think it is just as good! I just ate some cold and it was good that way too. It's inspiring me to behave differently with my day old bread. Usually I buy big loaves and cut the loaves into quarters to store in the freezer for warming on other dinner nights. But I'm thinking that the possibilities are endless with bread soup. I could make it a million different ways.

Here's the recipe I based my soup on last night, from The Expatriate's Kitchen:

Bread and Tomato Soup )

I didn't have any parmesan around, but I drizzled it with a delicious Tuscan olive oil. I also used fresh basil instead of rosemary. I pretty much always use cayenne pepper in my soups, too.

I am really all about the idea of roasting veggies and meat before making into a soup. A client of mine was talking to me this week about how she roasts her turkey bones to make a delicious, rich soup. I was thinking last night that roasting the vegetables gave the Papa extra flavor, too. I didn't have to cook on my stove top for very long at all for the flavors to marry.

*Edit* I ate so much that my right shoulder hurts. Does anyone else have a shoulder that hurts when they eat too much? Now I had really better go to spinning class tonight. SPEAKING of spinning, I am quite suddenly addicted. It's the best cardio workout, ever. I might even buy a dorky pair of bike shorts, because that saddle is a doozy. Spinning class doesn't make my (rather injured) body creak or ache. It just makes me feel amazing. See you later, SAD.
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This weekend was amazing. It was so good to have the house filled with wonderful people for Buster to pick up. Party goodness in no particular order:

1) Impromptutu body art
2) Orange Birtday cake
3) Vince in the kitchen (he can come over anytime)
4) Lamb burgers
5) Pimms Cup: best summer drink ever.
6) Harmonizing
7) Everyone there getting all cuddly. Y'all are one cuddly bunch!
8) Hulahooping in the living room. (May is still reminding me that she's the only one who could actually turn around while hooping.)
9) Oatmeal Chocolate chip cookies brought by Jana
10) Absinthe, which led me to my drunkest moment in the afternoon (you can always tell when I'm drunk when I start to spell it out for you and confuse people, ie: "I am D-R-U-N-K and you are *insert wrong name here*")
11) Drinking Belltown Mimosas (Champagne and Red Bull? Classy.)
12) Buster with red sock puppets constantly on his hands, unable to answer the door calls.
13) Singing Happy Birthday to Buster twice. I wonder if he even remembers the second time?
14) The impromptu rainbow, unicorn and penis theme.
15) Charlotte Belle and Stephanie (Geminis!!) sending out a unicorn, cupcake, joint, flower, and glittery penis streamer from Boston! I drunk dialed them at one point and didn't know which one I was ever talking to. Delightfully confusing.
16) Talking for a while with the new neighbor, who also hails from Manhattan. We bonded on not wanting to move back. I'm excited to have a neighbor friend! That's double the roof deck summertime fun!
17) Buster's interviews were hilarious. I can't wait until he posts his edited versions online.
18) Can we talk about how gorgeous you all looked? Everyone is suddenly sun kissed and extra healthy looking!
19) I recall 5 specific times from Sunday where I either introduced myself to someone who said "WE'VE MET SEVERAL TIMES" or I confused 2 people or something to this extent. Please, folks! I've lived here for all of 5 months and it seems that the people I know know everyone. I don't think I ever knew so many people at once in NYC! It's a lot to wrap a love-walloped and drink-addled mind around, see?

I woke up at 10am yesterday morning and walked upstairs to access the deck damage. Through the gray drizzle, I noted what I thought was a big raw cut of PORK on the deck. I figured I'd drink my coffee and save that mess for later. When I finally worked my way up to the roof to clean, I discovered that the raw pork was, in fact, a squeeky rubber bit of swordfish. Did Charles leave something behind?

In fact, did YOU leave something behind? I seem to have a few extra pairs of sunglasses on my hands this week. I wouldn't complain if you came to pick up your things on some sunny day or starry night. We'll kick up the grill or start a little bon fire in your honor.


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