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Last night was amazing. We met with Natasha, hit up Whole Foods, and headed over to Erin's house around 7. We grilled, drank, and then danced danced danced to the DJ's music by the pool. We got the DJ to play FREEDOM, which he didn't want to do, but you really can't argue with 2 redheads who want you to play FREEDOM on the 4th. The (self righteous) (jerk of a) DJ insulted George while I was requesting the song, but I let it go in the spirit of Independence Day. Eventually we felt pretty hot and definitely drunk. SO we stole all of Erin's bikinis and jumped into the pool, which was absolutely lovely and perfectly heated. The fireworks started while we were in the pool, and a douche bag started bothering us (he asked what we did for a living. we made him guess and he suggested that half of us must do clerical work, then someone yelled at him to get his glass out of the pool and he wouldn't, so we gave him the cold shoulder and he called us faggots under his breath. charming.). we ditched the pool and ran upstairs to watch the gorgeousness from Erin's balcony. Fireworks by the needle were cool, but Lake Union fireworks definitely won. There were cream puffs, squares, sparkly pants, pony tails, weeping willows, and smiley faces in the sky. Then I broke Erin's table, for which I am eternally sorry. Then we went to McLeod Residence and danced some more. They were having Halloween in July over there, which was pretty awesome. At some point, Buster hijacked a crazy horn hat and soon it was after last call so we ended up with all of these people on our roof for a bonfire. I can still smell campfire in the air. I don't know what time we went to bed and I don't know how I don't feel like absolute crap, but I don't. In fact, I'm pretty super happy sitting here and stealing glances at my adorable sleeping Buster, who rallied me out of bed and to the shower an hour ago and I guess forgot to rally himself.

Thanks again to Erin! I hope we didn't leave too much of a mess. You know, aside from the table and all. (Yikes!)


Today I have to clean the whole house, do Clarita's hair, and work on this whole invitation business. Invitations will be in the mail by the end of the week. I find this awfully exciting, slightly terrifying, and totally awesome. Holy smokes, this wedding is happening! The invitations are hilarious and gorgeous. I'll show everyone what the talanted Sara and Thor designed for us once the mailers are out.
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I'm getting married!!

I have more joy than I have ever before carried within me. I have everything I ever wanted in a relationship. I am positively bursting with bloom and have continuously been this state of glittering explosion for 6+ months and counting.

We have broken every rule that needed to be broken on our way. We've made up new rules, and communicated with unstoppable frequency. I feel complete and connected. I feel inspired and driven. I feel, for the first time ever, that I have found the person with whom I can be totally honest and committed. I have finally found the person who matches and compliments my energies, and my connection with this person surpasses my biggest white night dreams of Utopian possibility. This love has been, and will continue to be, the singularly most amazing event of my life.

I knew within the hours of our first, 5 day long, date, that we had a bigger connection than either of us had ever experienced. There has never been a moment of hesitation or doubt from either of us. Our mantra, set up prior to the first time his plane touched land for our first date in NYC, has been “In It To Win It.”

My closest friends and family have all remarked on the change I project. Suddenly, everything has come full circle. He inspires me through all favored areas of living.... career, family, travel, aesthetics, champagne consumption, health, sex, wonderment, tandem bicycling, socializing, being alone, lazing about, redesigning, redecorating, reordering priorities, planning, conniving, laughing, crying, smashing, biting, cat petting .... the inspired life living list goes on for 159 years (with an option for contract renewal in 2166). He has, within these past 6 months, become my everything. My very own tall reminder of everything beautiful. Our coupling has been a constant indication of life moving beyond cynicism, beyond the greatest of expectations, with the most pure of intentions, beyond the rules, and beyond the confines of one single city.

We have managed to pull off greatness through simultaneous practices of of old fashioned and new fangled communication. There have been late night phone calls, long flights, text messages, text via several forms of instant messenger, blog posts, online photo sharing, afternoons in bed, evenings out to dinner, evenings in for dinner. We have managed a relationship over 3000 miles of one very large country. I went to Seattle for 5 weeks (33 days) during a time that I knew would be greatly stressful so that we might better understand what our regular life together would resemble. During that time, we were able to share even the bad things, and help each other gain clarity and strength. During that time, I saw for certain that my life without him was unimaginable.

It has been a great joy to make this announcement! My family is charmed and welcoming to someone who so obviously belongs with me (and, by proxy, with them). He blended with them so beautifully that I very nearly cried to hear my youngest sister (age 9) declare that she didn't want him to leave the family home. We have made the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and family members by association all applaud with noise that I never thought would salute a relationship that I (of all people) belonged in. I have also felt so welcomed by his family and his community in Seattle that I am filled to capacity with gratitude and love.

This is it! This is the new long and wonderful chapter. This is the person I love, the person I dedicate myself to. This is the end of one long story and the beginning of another, longer one. This is how it's going to be. This is who I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. This is my family. This is The Love of My Life. For serious! We are STOKED!

Us so far. January 2007-Present.


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