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So, I quit my NYC job two days ago. I really feel in my heart that I need to concentrate on my life in Seattle right now. This means developing my career again so that it gets to the point it was at in NYC, when it completely sustained me. I feel like Seattle is not going to be able to give me everything I need until I fully commit.

The past year of running back and forth has been really beautiful, and I feel very fortunate to have been able to live the way that I have. Not many girls get to fly back and forth between two amazing cities to do hair! There hasn't been one moment when I have not felt like the luckiest girl around.

While the past year has been magic, it has also torn me up emotionally. Every time I felt somewhat settled here in Seattle, I would fly back to New York and become completely seduced by my network of friends, co-workers, and clients. I would become convinced that it was absolutely necessary for me to live and work in New York. Then, I would fly back and convince myself that it was necessary for me to live and work in Seattle. Before many months, I started to feel as if I was living two lives... and, eventually, because I wasn't there as much, New York started to lose it's grip on me a little. Some of my clients couldn't be on my limited schedule. Lives went on without me.

Now that I feel I've found a salon I can be happy at in Seattle, NYC and I are suddenly in love a little less. We've became more about memory and nostalgia than about opportunity and future. I guess this is always what happens when we take a little space after a passionate, all consuming affair and break up. You move on. You live your life in a new way that you didn't think was even a possibility just a few short years back.

Talking to my salon owners in NY, It felt like I was snipping the umbilical cord and telling my family I had to go. Space has shown me nothing but love through the years. I take away from that salon everything I know and feel confident about professionally. I only know how to do some serious hair because they took the time and the trouble to teach me. I know how to talk to people only because they slowly showed me how to handle myself in this business. They also supported my move to Seattle with love in their hearts, and let me lead my own way with coming and going. I hope that all my clients will continue to go there for services. They are each amazing hair-stylists, amazing individuals, and a perfect salon family.

Please let me know if I can help you choose another hairstylist at Space in NYC for your specific needs!

And, of course, you can always come see me in Seattle... where the views are beautiful and the haircuts are cheap!
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Well, all the boom boom booming of my heart has left me with some chest pains and a fever blister. I definitely have not felt this sort of stress before, not even before the wedding (and thank goodness for that... because a fever blister on my wedding day would have been absolutely appalling).

At the end of this day, and the end of this very difficult week, I can at least announce that I have a new job at VAIN!!! A salon with busy, happy, creative, wonderful stylists AND a BLOG!!! It's so obviously a great place for me, and I am incredibly delighted to become a part of their team.

Truly, I wish Stylus and all the great people who operate the salon and spa on 2nd avenue much success. It's a great place, and they will still be seeing a lot of me for their art openings and spa services. It was hard to leave some of the company I've kept there for the past year, but I feel that this move is really the best for my business.

Thank you all for your support! I can't wait to see you all at my new Vain station!!! Hurrah!


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