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The first week of work was a booming success. I wasn't busy with clients, exactly, but I busied myself nicely getting to know everyone, giving out services to co-workers, and getting a few spa services myself.

The spa there, by the way, is amazing. I got one of the best pedicures of my life. I also had my makeup done just about every day. I'm going to allow myself to feel spoiled at the salon for now because very soon, I won't have room to be spoiled at all.

If anyone wants to stop by for a visit, the space is located on 2nd Ave, across from the Rendezvous, and is called Stylus.


It will be sad to only have one day a week off to spend with Buster. Our Sunday flew by so quickly. The hot air balloon ride we were supposed to go on was cancelled due to bad weather. We instead slept in before heading to a delicious brunch at B&O Espresso. Then we spent some time at a frame shop, where we had a few things framed. We came home and framed some more things... and then spent a few hours discussing how art in the house should be hung, and where. We've got one wall finished, and will do another more complicated wall tonight!

After hanging some art, we went to Zoe for our anniversary dinner! It was delicious, as expected. The general manager, Tom, is a gas. Celebrating anniversaries in general is a blast. All day long we kept saying, "One year ago today we were doing exactly *this*!" I guess we can still do that, since our first date was 4 or 5 days long. So... I guess that one year ago today I was getting off work at Space to join Buster, Kharis, Rick, and LB for a whacky pre-dinner drinks affair. This led to an eventual drunken dinner which led to a drunken half hour in the bathroom while Kharis and I put makeup on each other and laughed at how funny life can be. That led to a drunken party at Camron and Amanda's house. Then we did some drunken dancing in the LES, where I broke my shoe. At some point there was a drunken ride in a grocery cart. Late late into the night, I drunkenly fell off of the bed (which I still don't remember). Oh man today was a drunk day exactly one year ago! Odd that I remember most of it so well!!

After our dinner, we headed off to celebrate Lele and Ian's wedding at McLeod. It was a karaokified blast! Folks were in high spirits! Even folks who don't sing karaoke were belting out tunes. Congratulations, Lele and Ian! Thanks for hosting a great celebration.


Today I start day one of my wheat fast. I have yet to see the rash on my face subside completely in the absence of soy, and want to see what happens when I do away with wheat. Wish my carb loving, bread in oil dipping, whiskey loving self much luck, as I am sure I'll need it.
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We had an amazing weekend playing on the Oregon Coast with Ingo and Andy. Andy took amazing photos.

Then we came home, took our Lindy Hop class, and learned the Charleston.

Then Buster and I went to Txori and had a delicious meal to celebrate the fact that it has been one year since we went out on a limb and had ourselves an evening of kissing on the couch bed of room 604 at the Hotel Andra.

I can't help but think about how one year ago exactly *now* I was hungover, tossing my breakfast in an airplane bathroom as I flew back from Seattle to NYC. When I got home, I figured that I would let Buster be and not say a thing to anyone about his kissability. I felt far too nervous and had been so damaged by death and lovers in the months leading up to our make out that I figured I'd just go on with my admittedly lonely life as if he hadn't put any butterflies into my stomach. Then he wrote the sweetest email, proposing a Cross Country Crush Extravaganza and I just couldn't play cool. I told my mother that he would be visiting in April and she said, Where is the good in getting involved with a man from SEATTLE?! I was wondering the same thing. Entertaining impossibility seemed for a scary second like just another way to hurt myself... Now I'm amazed at how much can pass within the space of a year. Hilariously, our 1st dating anniversary is on April Fools Day.


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