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You know what? I would be a weak, weak, sorry excuse for a human on a bicycle if I lived anywhere but Northern California. I needed to go on a training ride today, but it's cloudy, misty, and windy. It's 55. I forced myself on the ride anyway but only got through like 15 miles of it, complaining in my head the whole way. Then I had to ride to Niko's preschool to pick him up in the chariot. I gritted my teeth through the cold with all that extra dead weight and was convinced I would make it without breaking my will to be nice UNTIL I hit a huge screw - in the middle of a huge hill - and popped the tire.

I grumbled and moaned my way to the top of the hill to try and change the tire. I got half way through changing it when I'm like GODDAMNIT I don't have a bike pump! And Niko!!! Niko my precious son! Says very affably, "Aw, that fucking screw, right?" I look up, shocked, and he says, "What, mama?" I say, "Niko! That is a really impolite word. Don't let anyone hear you say it outside of our home." And then laugh, a little, before locking poor Handsome - with a half hanging off tire and tube - up to a post and walking the chariot the mile or so up hill to home. Niko was a huge help with that, which is a good sign. I might have a potty mouth that he's picked up but at least I know he's helpful when flat tires happen and you need to grit yourself to a task you don't wanna do. That's a good quality to have.

It was so, so cold, you guys. I am so grumpy about it. It was like 56 degrees.

Nope. I wouldn't be a cyclist if I didn't live in Northern California.
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